Foreigners visit SW China's Anyue county,hometown of Lemons

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Anyue county,in Ziyang city,southwest China's Sichuan province,held an event to promote its lemons on September 19.Foreigners working and studying in Sichuan and journalists from across the country were invited to the county to visit lemon orchards and feel the development of local economy in Anyue.

A Tour of Anyue county.[photo provided to]

Anyue,dubbed the“Hometown of Lemons in China”,is one of the world’s five major lemon-producing regions.It has grown the fruit on about 480,000 mu(32,000 hectares),with an annual production volume of 600,000 tons.Anyue seizes an 80%market share of lemons in the country.
Media representatives and foreigners visited local lemon exhibition hall and the World Lemon Variety Expo Park in Anyue.They also went to the lemon orchards,participated in lemon picking and had a lemon-eating contest.
In addition to lemon production,visitors also expressed interest in lemon wine and local stone carving.

Lemon-eating contest.[photo provided to]