Preface:An autumn of bumper harvest

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As a Chinese saying goes, what has been sowed in spring will be turned into a bumper harvest in autumn; and a bumper harvest is as good a thing as living a long life, according to another Chinese saying.

The just-concluded 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is exactly like a scroll painting of bumper harvest for Chinese society. China has made historic achievements in reform, opening up, and socialist modernization and socialism with Chinese characteristics has crossed the threshold into a new era.

This magazine Investment Promotion, after long and careful preparations, now also debuts again with a brand new look. The revised version will promote, with more detailed and in-depth articles and pictures, Shanghai’s investment environment and policies as well as the platforms and services of Shanghai Investment Promotion Partnership (SIPP). It aims to serve foreign investors targeting Shanghai and Shanghai enterprises making outbound investment with professional information and interpretation, and to expand exchanges and cooperation among Chinese and foreign investment promotion institutions operating in Shanghai.

Regular sections of the revised version are Common Concern, Investment Index, Voice of Shanghai, SIPP’s Friend Zone, Investment Promotion Archives, International Vision, and SIPP in Action.

Common Concern invites government agencies, research institutes and enterprises to share what they know about and expound their views on a particular focal topic the section has selected for each issue.

Investment Index uses data to analyze the trend of investment and trade in Shanghai as a guide for corporate moves.

Voice of Shanghai presents interpretations by government officials, heads of relevant institutes, experts and senior professionals of Shanghai’s new policies, measures and thoughts concerning investment and trade.

SIPP’s Friend Zone serves as a space for regular exchanges among consuls, commercial representatives, business associations and investment promotion institutions of foreign countries in Shanghai. Interviewees can either introduce the economic policies of their respective countries or tell about their own work and life in Shanghai.

Investment Promotion Archives invites people who have been involved in foreign investment projects to recount their experiences in attracting investment both at home and abroad, or recall the implementation of a major foreign investment project in Shanghai.

International Vision focuses on international solutions for protecting the interests of investors and for settling disputes, as well as the trend and practices in investment promotion, technological innovation and related industries in the world.

After the revision, Investment Promotion will be published under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and under the auspices of Invest Shanghai. We would like to give special thanks to relevant government agencies, foreign institutes in Shanghai and foreign-invested companies for their enthusiastic help and strong support when we were soliciting contributions.

As a Chinese saying goes, the last leg of a journey marks the halfway point. The just-concluded Congress has made new strategic plans for Chinese economy and society.

Investment Promotion will all set out from a new starting point and forge ahead with perseverance toward the realization of the objectives set at the Congress. We will make big strides along the development path guided by new concepts and build a multi-platform for two-way investment promotion in Shanghai.