Wenzhou showcases new look of emergency management at Expo

時間:2024-05-27 16:15:12 來源 : wenzhou.gov 作者 : ZhongXin

Wezhou, as a theme city, participated in the third Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Disaster Reduction and Rescue Expo, which kicked off on May 13th at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai.

Technological innovation enterprises in low-altitude economy, smart manufacturing, industrial internet and robotics, oriented to new quality productive forces, attended the expo themed with"Advancing high-level safety to escort High-quality Development".  The expo includes six major exhibition areas: emergency disaster prevention and reduction, integrated rescue equipment, safety protection products, emergency industry services, safety science popularization, and the comprehensive achievements of the Yangtze River Delta region(YRDR). It is aimed to showcase the outstanding innovative capabilities, coordinated development abilities, and scientific research achievements in emergency management in the YRDR.

the third Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Disaster Reduction and Rescue Expo. Photograph provided by EDRRE

The Wenzhou Theme Hall for"A happy Wenzhou with a millennium-old trade Port”, covers a total exhibition area of 336 m2. The hall falls into the overall urban image area and the corporate exhibitors’ one, which are so designed with the main colors of blue, green and white that the areas are artfully decorated in a consistent but not monotonous style. The design displayed Wenzhou's emergency management causes and culture with a compelling beauty.

The urban image area includes nine major sections, such as Improving Capabilities of  Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Integrated Actions for Efficient Disposal, Rapid Response and Effective Rescue, Enhancing Rescue Skills through Practical Training, and Digital Empower for Smart Emergency Response."

The hall focuses on the city's achievements in safety production, as well as disaster prevention, mitigation, and relief, comprehensively reflecting Wenzhou's respect for and protection of the city’s history and culture, and its safeguarding of modern commercial development, and citizens' happy lives.

At the corporate exhibitors’ area, you can find products from 16 companies, such as Zhejiang Chunfeng Power and Special Equipment Manufacturing,Wenzhou Black Dragonfly Drone Technology, Wenzhou Hengsheng Lighting and Electrical Appliance, and Wenzhou Saifuwei Technology. Eye catchers at the area include high-quality safety and emergency products, such as zoom dual-light integrated emergency firefighting drones, and China Tower's high-level emergency prevention and control platform.

In recent years, Wenzhou has been exerting efforts for disaster prevention, mitigation, and rescue, enabling everyone to know safety and emergency response are everything to effectively prevent and mitigate major safety risks as well as natural disasters so as to ensure safety production. It is worth mentioning that this city has been approved as the first national-level safety emergency industry demonstration base in our province, and created a“Safe Electrical Use Star”--- a large-scale power big data analysis and application platform for safety production. The Star was listed as a typical excellent case of the 2023"Spark Program" by the Ministry of Emergency Management.

In addition, the city deployed technical inspectors for administrative law enforcement in emergency response management first in China. Wenzhou-based Zhejiang College of Security Technology provided the needed professionals. Furthermore, the city is proactively exploring new models of coverage of catastrophe and safety liability risk, industry self-regulation and co-governance, and electric power safety assistance to gear to the needs of the new era. The city has also explored the establishment of a“633” working mechanism for responding to typhoons at grassroots and local heavy rainfall.(ZhongXin)