Wenzhou Yongjia: Building Bridges with Songs, the 2024 Nanxi River Yak Music Festival Kicks Off

時間:2024-05-30 16:31:05 來源 : DiscoverWenzhou 作者 : Liu Minmin

"Songs from the Prairie"— The 2024 Nanxi River Yak Music Festival and the 7th Red Yuan County Yak Series Major Cultural and Tourism Activities Promotion Conference was held at the Yongjia Academy in Shatou Town, Yongjia County. The bold and unrestrained Tibetan songs and dances met with the gentle and graceful Yongjia Kunqu opera, playing a concerto to compose the song of Han-Tibetan friendship.

The 2024 Nanxi River Yak Music Festival. Photograph provided by Pan Fenglei

At the beginning of the event, a passionate "Guozhuang" dance performance attracted everyone's attention. The "Heart of the Prairie Art Troupe" joined forces with Yongjia's cultural and artistic groups to offer the audience a feast of song and dance, with various ethnic costumes colliding and blending, singing and dancing, showing a unique Tibetan style. It is reported that the"Heart of the Prairie Art Troupe" comes from Hongyuan County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. They have been invited to Yongjia since 2020 and, in addition to participating in the evening performance, have now signed a contract to reside in Yongjia.

At the scene, the Tibetan national intangible cultural heritage inheritor of Tibetan mountain songs, Tashi Nima, brought"Axiang Luoluo" and "Snow of the Himalayas". The high and mellow voice made the audience feel as if they were in the vast prairie. The traditional Tibetan opera "Joyful Songs of the Snowy Land " presented a lot of Han culture. A theme song of the Nanxi River Yak Music Festival,"Encountering the Pastoral Song on the Prairie", performed the pastoral song blooming into a flower of friendship on the Nanxi River. The evening also integrated Yongjia's local characteristics of Yongkun performance and pop music. Yongjia's cultural customs were displayed through delicate and graceful music, winning the favor of the audience.

At the 7th Yak Series Major Cultural and Tourism Activities Promotion Conference of Hongyuan County, Deputy Secretary of the Hongyuan County Party Committee and Deputy County Mayor Gong Zhaoming focused on promoting the Yak Flower Season, Music Season, Horse Racing Season, and 6 new Hongyuan tourism boutique routes, inviting tourists from all directions to the beautiful Hongyuan.

In addition, the "Yak Cultural Museum" also opened at Yongjia Academy in the afternoon of the same day. The scene also set up a Hongyuan specialty product sales area, jointly displaying Hongyuan's local specialties, intangible heritage, handicrafts, etc. Products such as yak fresh milk ice cream, dried yak meat, and Hongyuan yak milk powder have captured many "fragrant hearts" - a citizen, Ms. Zhang, said: "I think this yak fresh milk ice cream is smooth and mellow, different from other fresh milk ice creams I have eaten before, I prefer this one."

The song comes from the prairie, singing by the Nanxi River. The two places of Yongjia and Hongyuan cross thousands of mountains and rivers, hand in hand, forging ahead on the road to common prosperity. In recent years, the fields of cooperation between the two places have continued to expand - the establishment of the"Yonghong" handicrafts mass entrepreneurship space; Hongyuan introduced Yongjia's rural construction experience to create the A Mu Village National Culture Promotion and Transformation Project, the Rekun Village "Yonghong Small Town" project and other rural revitalization demonstration points; the creation of yak yogurt production, yak hair processing, and yak cold chain logistics"product poverty alleviation workshop" and "Cloud Yak" model, promoting Hongyuan's agricultural and special product enterprises to enter the Yongjia market; the launch of "Yak Theme Restaurant" in Yongjia; the launch of" Return to the Herdsmen a Pair of Eagle Eyes" and" Hongyuan Love "foundation construction and other activities. For 8 years, Yongjia has spared no effort to "transfuse blood" and"produce blood", Hongyuan has seized development opportunities, a total investment of 86.43 million yuan in assistance funds, nearly 160 million yuan in consumption assistance, a total of 66 aid projects (including training and exchange and other non-construction projects), with a total investment of more than 200 million yuan.

Music builds a bridge, composing a happy song for the people of both places. It is reported that the event will also enter 100 cultural halls in Yongjia County in the future, holding unique cultural exchanges and performances, vigorously promoting excellent national culture, further enriching the spiritual life of villagers, and carrying out cultural exchange and mutual learning activities in multiple levels, fields, and forms. (Liu Minmin)