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School nurses are often critical of their school systems and school stakeholders for not celebrating them more, for not recognizing what they bring to the table, and for sometimes forgetting them. Yet, many opportunities to honor and elevate the visibility of their fellow school nurses are squandered.

Many of the recognitions for school nurses across the country pass by without nominations. Each of the state affiliates are asked to honor excellence in nursing by submitting nominees for a state School Nurse of the Year and a state School Nurse Administrator of the Year, and many years of those awards in numerous states have no nominees (NASN, 2022a). The National Association of School Nurses annually offers significant national distinctions for an outstanding school nurse administrator, educator, private and parochial school nurse and special-needs school nurse (NASN, 2022c). Yet many years the honors are not awarded due to lack of candidates. The National Academy of School Nurses inducts Fellows. The Fellow designation is the most prestigious tribute in school nursing signifying superior achievements and enduring contributions to the profession and association. However, in its 25-year history, 16 states have never had an exemplary school nurse so honored, and another 14 states have only ever had one school nurse inducted as a Fellow (NASN, 2022b).

School nurses are also eligible for community awards given by school districts and health care systems. The American Academy of Nursing, the American Nurses Association, Sigma Theta Tau, the American School Health Association, the American Public Health Association honor nurses from across the spectrum of specialties for awards annually. School nurses deserve to be made visible, nominated, and honored in broader health, education, and nursing arenas.

School nurses have served school children, families and their school communities with competence, generosity, and respect for 120 years. In the last two years, school nurses performed double duty. They have operated in their typical school nurse roles as well as filling the gap in public health services to keep children, staff, and their entire communities safe and healthy. Many are demoralized, burnt out, and grieving lost family and neighbors (Bergren, 2021). Recognition communicates that we value our peers and their work (Eddy et al., 2021). Recognition combats burnout, compassion fatigue, improves performance and engagement, and motivates others around them (Eddy et al., 2021; Kelly et al., 2015). Distinguishing the contributions of school nurses this year is more important than ever.

The National Association of School Nurses devotes countless hours to promoting the role of the school nurse as key to child health and education to the media, national health and education associations, partners, stakeholders, and federal legislators (Bergren, 2011). When we recognize those who are the best in our specialty, we signal to their local, state, and national groups that awardees represent school nursing and should be invited to the table. Awards and honors open doors for our champions and elevate the entire specialty.

Nominating our peers for awards communicates to them, better than they know it themselves, that they do great things. And when we express our confidence and admiration for rising stars, when we demonstrate our belief that they are talented and going somewhere, it makes them even better. Let us look for ways to celebrate the best among us. Let us resolve that no award passes by without nominees this year or any year. It is good for school nurses and school nursing. The onus is on us to assure that the spotlight shines on school nurses.



全國各地對學校護士的許多認可都沒有提名就通過了。每個州附屬機構都被要求通過提交年度州立學校護士和年度州立學校護士管理員的提名來表彰護理方面的卓越成就,而許多州的這些獎項中的許多年都沒有提名人(NASN,2022a) . 全國學校護士協會每年都會為傑出的學校護士管理人員、教育工作者、私立和教區學校護士以及有特殊需要的學校護士提供顯著的全國榮譽(NASN,2022c)。然而多年來,由於缺乏候選人,這些榮譽沒有被授予。國家學校護士學院招募研究員。院士稱號是學校護理領域最負盛名的榮譽,標誌著卓越的成就和對該專業和協會的持久貢獻。然而,在其 25 年的歷史中,16 個州從未有過一位模範學校護士如此榮幸,另外 14 個州只有一名學校護士被選為研究員(NASN,2022b)。

學校護士也有資格獲得學區和醫療保健系統給予的社區獎勵。美國護理學會、美國護士協會、Sigma Theta Tau、美國學校健康協會、美國公共衛生協會每年都會向來自各個專業領域的護士頒獎。學校護士應該在更廣泛的健康、教育和護理領域受到關注、提名和表彰。

120 年來,學校護士以能力、慷慨和尊重為學童、家庭及其學校社區服務。在過去的兩年裏,學校護士履行了雙重職責。他們以典型的學校護士角色運作,並填補公共衛生服務的空白,以確保兒童、工作人員及其整個社區的安全和健康。許多人士氣低落、精疲力竭,併為失去的家人和鄰居感到悲傷(Bergren,2021 年)。認可表明我們重視同齡人和他們的工作(Eddy 等人,2021 年)。認可可以對抗倦怠、同情疲勞、提高績效和參與度,並激勵周圍的其他人(Eddy 等人,2021 年;Kelly 等人,2015 年))。今年區分學校護士的貢獻比以往任何時候都更加重要。

全國學校護士協會投入了無數個小時,向媒體、國家健康和教育協會、合作夥伴、利益相關者和聯邦立法者宣傳學校護士作為兒童健康和教育關鍵的作用(Bergren,2011 年)。當我們認可那些在我們的專業中最優秀的人時,我們會向他們的地方、州和國家團體發出信號,獲獎者代表學校護理,應該被邀請參加會議。獎項和榮譽為我們的冠軍打開了大門,提升了整個專業。